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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Images Inspired by the Daily Mundane Life of Bob

What is the serpent?
Whatever you want it to be
a cancerous puss, an annoying squeaking rat,
maybe the gym where you try not to be fat
perhaps the job that you can't stand
or even an overbearing dad.

Whatever it is, bad or worse
get rid of frustration
and write an unryhming verse.
When people can't forgive it's too bad
cuz they fester inside, rot and stink
their minds dry up and forget to think

So before you yell, shout or scream
pick up the snake and take it by the hands
squeeze the crap out as much as you can

I love to sing and strum this thing
but too bad I'm tone deaf so I do it vain
I keep on doing it, keeps me from
becoming insane

I'll keep on strummin' and singin'
because it makes me smile
it keeps me happy for a long, long while

When you can't hear, life's a bitch
your ear just rings and starts to itch

I can't understand, maybe because I can't hear
please give me a match and burn the wax from my ear

television is a waste of time
so are blogs with uncreative rhymes.

This is what I imagine
I'd look at age 89
still inking, drawing
and biding my time.

I'll love to render,
that is if I could still remember
when I'm old
that is what I truly desire,
to keep drawing things
like earth, wind or fire
or maybe the fishes of the
deep blue sea
or even a picture of my wife and me.

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