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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So sue me, sumo

300 pound Japanese guys in leather thongs throwing each other
around like rag dolls and eating 50 pounds of rice a day...insane.
the best thing about it is that they have their hair in a bun...hmmm
do they keep it together with barettes or bobbi pins?.

I love my Japanese heritage..
scroll down and ask papa-san and mama-san

Doggies in my life

Sometimes I wish I were a dog Sleep. Eat. Poop. Who's the master?
Do masters pick up dog poo?Hmmm.
Bark and whine and you get treats, food and toys... Run, play and go back to sleep on the softest and biggest couch in the house. I wish I were a dog,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I draw therefore I am

Strange fruit...a Billie Holiday Billie Holliday young ones!

what happens when I eat chocolate at 12 AM

Someplace tucked away in my head

Scary...I've seen this guy

and this guy

sometimes I draw what I feel like

what i look like

what's in my head

places I've been

and my nightmares

Twenty Years of Observing faces...

some faces are unique,
others are plain
some look bleak
many are drained

but the ones I see
come mostly from my head
when I'm fast asleep
comatose in bed...

Monday, November 16, 2009

So what's this blog thing about anyways?

why do people depict nuns as mean and strict?
If anyone has been to Catholic school, please send your nun/teacher experience...

Okay, they kinda influenced my thinking...

I call this blog, "Drawing Inspiration"—
just a few things that have inspired me for the last 24 years...
if you recognize anything it's not intentional. Promise.
Keep in mind I lie allot.